Can you offer a lifeline to a young person in Leeds?

Can you offer a lifeline to a young person in Leeds?

Are you a good friend? Fun to be around? A good role model? Your support could really mean a lot to a young person in care.

Volunteer as an Independent Visitor and offer friendship, guidance and fun trips out to young people in Leeds who are looked after by the local authority. These young people really need someone to take an interest in their lives; someone who is there just for them. You could be that person.

Independent Visitors offer young people an alternative perspective on life and have fun with them on trips to the cinema, the countryside, sports events and restaurants. The Leeds Independent Visitors Scheme will pay your expenses, offer training and support and carry out a CRB check for you. You can read more about this nationally recognised scheme at

If you have a few hours to spare once a month (evenings or weekends) and could befriend and support a young person in Leeds please call 0113 395 1255 or email

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