What are your healthy eating and food smart tips?

What are your healthy eating and food smart tips?

Here are some of the healthy eating and food smart tips submitted as part of the Change4Life Food Smart Campaign. You can still submit your tips to www.leedsletsplay.co.uk to win prizes.

•Sitting down to eat as a family is a really good way to introduce new foods to children- adults can lead by example
•Plan ahead – make a family food list and then a shopping list
•Add porridge oats to savoury mince to make it go further and then add lots of chopped veg
•Bulk out your meals with lots of vegetables
•Try growing your own fruits and vegetables
•Use your local shops and markets to cut down costs
•Buy only what you need to avoid waste
•Bake all your own sweet treats and then you know exactly what is in them
•Make substitutions i.e wraps instead of bread all the time for sandwiches
•Check food labels
•Keep a Diary to understand what you are really eating.

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