Child friendly Leeds awards and the CFL Crew…

Child friendly Leeds awards and the CFL Crew…

CFL Crew


Following on from our review of the awards night last week, the CFL Crew, the team behind the planning of the awards, tell us their experience of planning such a big event, as told by Caroline Courtney,
Learning Intern at Leeds Grand Theatre & City Varieties Music Hall, who caught up with the team a couple of weeks before the big night.

On 1 October 2015 a very excited and – dare I say it, rather nervous – group of eight young people from across Leeds gathered together for the first time in the Circle Bar at the City Varieties Music Hall. They’d all come together to plan the Child friendly Leeds awards, which were held last week, on Thursday 28 January…

I caught up with the team a couple of weeks before the big event…

The planning group have been working hard, grappling with the major ins and outs of organising a huge event, making sure that it is going to be the best CFL Awards Ceremony yet!

Hi guys! So what has been the most fun part of being in the planning group for the Child Friendly Leeds Awards?
‘Picking the acts we want as a performance’ – Molly
‘Learning about the different youth organisations in Leeds’ – Amy
‘I enjoy it all’ – Harriet

What advice would you give to other young people who would be approaching a project like this?
‘Keep an open mind’ – Molly
‘Go for it! Embrace a new experience’ – Amy
‘Don’t be afraid to suggest your ideas’ – Harriet

Why did you apply for the position? And is it living up to what you had expected?
‘It seemed fun to plan an event that people can attend and enjoy and we have more control than I expected!’ – Molly
‘I thought I’d give it a go and try something new’ – Harriet
‘I really wanted to be involved in a project that gave young people such a strong opportunity to showcase their talent and voice’ – Amy

What roles will you be undertaking during the ceremony itself?
‘Let’s just say that a few of us will be hosting the event…’ – Amy
’We’ll be basically running the show and keeping everything running smoothly!’ – Molly
‘I’m duty manager for the night!’ – Harriet

How would you describe your experience as being a member of the planning group in three words?
‘Abso-lutely nuts!’ – Jack
‘A learning curve!’ – Amy
‘Can’t Fight Laughter…I won’t say any more because this has something to do with the big event itself!’ – Thomas

Well I’d like to say a big thank you to the child friendly Leeds awards 2016 planning group for meeting with me during such a busy time. These young people are truly demonstrating what Child Friendly Leeds is all about: making Leeds the best city for children to grow up in!


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