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Empowering youth voices in healthcare: Join the Leeds Young Research Owls

“The Leeds Young Research Owls are a remarkable group of young people making a significant contribution to the world of healthcare research right here in Leeds.”

Spotlight On: Group Voice and Influence at Leeds Young Carers Engaged, Active, Participating (LEAP)

The Voice, Influence and Change Team met with Leeds Young Carers Engaged, Active, Participating (LEAP), a group of young carers supported by Lucy Tomlin-Scargill, Community Engagement Practitioner at Leeds Young Carers Support Service.

In our shoes

In Our Shoes – what it’s really been like for children, young people, and families since Covid-19

“The In Our Shoes report, which was Victoria Eaton’s first annual report as Director of Public Health for Leeds, has been commended by the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH). The Chief Executive of the ADPH said: “This report gives a powerful snapshot of the inequity of outcomes for children and young people in the city.”

Make your move blog

Make Your Move | Benefits of Being Active for Young People

Studies also show that exercise can help to reduce symptoms of depression in children and young people. The reasons for this will be different depending on each person, but some key benefits include:

Spotlight On: Pupil Voice at Carr Manor Community School

Leeds wishes for all children and young people to be able to express their views, feel heard and be involved in decisions that affect their lives (Child Friendly Leeds wish number three). One of the ways in which young people can share their ideas and influence change within their community is through their school. The…
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Young people with special educational needs and disabilities promote youth voice

As you know Child Friendly Leeds has been working hard to make sure that Leeds is an inclusive city for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Last year, over 80,000 children and young people gave their feedback through consultation to refresh the Child Friendly Leeds wishes. One of the wishes…
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Everyone is invited to join us for ‘Leeds 2023’

LEEDS 2023 is a year-long celebration of culture in our extraordinary city and we’re inviting everyone to join in.

Climate Change Projects in Leeds as we mark the UN Climate Conference (COP27)

To mark the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) taking place in Egypt from 6th -18th November 2022 we are delighted to share one primary schools journey of delivering climate education with their pupils over the last year in Leeds.