Empowering youth voices in healthcare: Join the Leeds Young Research Owls

Empowering youth voices in healthcare: Join the Leeds Young Research Owls

When it comes to healthcare it’s essential to prioritise the experiences of the very people it’s meant to serve. But sometimes children and young people often feel like their voices are not heard or considered in decisions that affect their health. The Leeds Young Research Owls are a remarkable group of young people making a significant contribution to the world of healthcare research right here in Leeds.

Who Are the Leeds Young Research Owls?

The Leeds Young Research Owls is a dynamic group of young individuals dedicated to influencing all disciplines of child health research in Leeds. Their mission? To ensure that young people’s perspectives are at the forefront of healthcare research, ultimately improving the experience of those undergoing treatment. They are the voice of tomorrow’s patients, actively participating in shaping the future of healthcare.

Benefits of Being an Owl

Joining the Leeds Young Research Owls isn’t just about giving back; it’s also about personal and professional growth. Here’s what participants gain by being a part of this inspiring group:

Meeting Industry Experts: Owls have the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from professionals at the forefront of healthcare research. This exposure is invaluable for personal development and networking.

Exposure to New Ideas and Research: Staying informed about the latest research is essential for understanding the evolving healthcare landscape. As Owls, participants get an inside look at cutting-edge research and innovative ideas.

Increased Confidence: Many members initially find it nerve-wracking to contribute to projects. But taking part can give them the confidence and the understanding that there is value in what they have to say. Some members have even gone on to present a national healthcare meetings.

Valuable Healthcare Experience: Perhaps one of the most significant advantages is the hands-on experience gained in shaping healthcare projects. This experience is not only enriching but also looks impressive on resumes and applications.

One group participant, Libby, expressed her gratitude, stating, “I love being a member of the Owls as we are given lots of opportunities to learn about research and to make an impact on future generations… the certificates will definitely help me when I am looking for jobs such as care assistant positions. Thank you once again I appreciate everything you have done and all the opportunities you have provided me with!”

Become an Owl and make a difference

The Leeds Young Research Owls are a beacon of hope for young individuals who want to contribute to healthcare and be heard. By supporting this initiative, we can empower the voices of our future leaders, ensuring a brighter, more inclusive, and patient-centred healthcare system for all.

Do you know a young person who is passionate about healthcare and eager to make a difference? Encourage them to join the Leeds Young Research Owls. By signing up, you’re not only giving them a space to voice their opinions but also helping shape the future of healthcare in Leeds.


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