Takeover Day is coming!

Takeover Day is coming!

Takeover Day is a national event which gives children and young people the chance to work with adults for the day and be involved in decision-making. It’s a great way for organisations to meet and work with young people, and for young people to find out about the world of work, contribute ideas and gain confidence.

We’d love for it be a whole month of takeovers in November, so if you think your workplace might want to get involved, download the form here, or there’s lots of information and resources at the Takeover Day website.

Here in Leeds, when a group of primary school children came to the Leeds City Council communications team last year and took charge of an environmental campaign, the results were impressive! The team had a different day at work and enjoyed the fresh perspective from the group of young people. At the same time, the young people got the chance to contribute designs to a project, learn new skills, and to see their work in the real world!

Read what the children had to say:

“Takeover day has been excellent and I’ve really enjoyed it. You got to do what people really do in the council communications team.”

“It was very fun. We did lots of colouring and different people came to see us. I didn’t know how much it cost to clean up the streets.”

“I really enjoyed takeover day and drawing the posters. I’ll tell my classmates that the posters will be out soon.”


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