March of the Robots

March of the Robots

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We’re nearly at the end of a week of exciting free robot events this Easter all around the city centre – have you been over to make your robot? There’s one more event this week, and then it’s time to show us your robot!

There’s lots more coming – including the plans to create 10,000 robots in Leeds, with plenty of opportunities for creativity, learning, and fun along the way.  A little bit more about what they’re up to here and how you could get involved…

Why Robots?

We asked the question at an event back in 2012 “what ‘thing’ would enable us to bring the widest population of Leeds together in being creative” – One of the answers was ‘Robots’ So we’re testing that out to see we can get making together.

Our plan is to ask that question across all of Leeds communities during 2014 in the aim of making, creating and thinking about robots, our city and our future together. Robots enable us to have conversations with our neighbours, across local communities, schools, universities, colleges and companies and by the time we’ve finished in October 2014 will give a sense of our latent and visible talent as a city, across all ages.

Throughout the year we will put on events, films, workshops (Mission Labs) and create missions to encourage the widest population of Leeds to get creative together. This website will showcase all of our robots made

Then on Sunday October 26th we intend to hold a great big robot party, where the whole city is invited. It’s an opportunity to bring your robot, make more, get dressed up and see the awesome talent from across the city.”

Back to Easter holiday fun – during the 6th-13th April we’ll be asking everybody to show us their robot online. Whether that’s you dong the robot dance, sharing a bot that lurks in your house or a robot you’ve created we want to see it!  Use #robotselfie on Twitter or upload it at:

Find out more about making Leeds a child friendly city at or read our blog posts.


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