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Our latest project

Tackling BME underachievement in inner South Leeds, the supplementary school delivers academic support in English, Mathematics and Science to overcome barriers to learning, for primary aged children. In addition we work hard to instill a love of learning through creative teaching strategies, raise aspirations with visits from professionals, give children positive experiences through our play schemes and provide opportunities to make children feel heard.

Through the supplementary school student council launched in September 2013, Hamara have supported young people to develop their ideas and confidence in order to engage in discussion and make decisions. We provided opportunities for children to attend both local and national events as representatives of the youth at Hamara.  The supplementary school also provided grant funding to the children to plan and arrange their own healthy living event to promote educate and inspire their peers to live, eat and be more healthy.

What difference has it made?

The response from both the students and parents was extremely positive; this was really pleasing and showed what and impact involving children in making decisions has had on the way they feel about the supplementary school!

•   12 students have been part of the student council, with many more eager to be elected by their peers so they can represent their year group.

•   Over 50 children took part in the healthy living event and unanimously agreed that they wanted more events like this on the agenda to tackle obesity levels and encourage lifestyle changes that will have a lasting impact.

We’re also proud to be awarded the Bronze Quality Framework Award from the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRSCE) recognizing the hard work and effort that goes on to make our Supplementary School successful.




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