There’s a new Children’s Mayor for Leeds, here’s what she wants to change in the city…

There’s a new Children’s Mayor for Leeds, here’s what she wants to change in the city…

The annual Leeds Children’s Mayor election enables Children and Young People to vote for the year 6 pupil they feel should become a leading voice for young people in our city.

This year, 31 schools submitted entrants. These were shortlisted to a final ten by a panel of youth councillors, Members of Youth Parliament and the outgoing Children’s Mayor.  The ten finalists had their manifestos were posted on the Breeze website ready for the children and young people in the city to vote for their favourite.  

After a lot of playground and classroom debate, over 6,000 votes were cast and Amy Eckworth-Jones from Strawberry Fields Primary School was elected to be the 2014/15 Children’s Mayor of Leeds.

But what issues mattered most to young people in the elections? Here’s Amy’s winning manifesto so you can find out…

Children’s Mayor, Amy Eckworth-Jones with champion boxer Josh Warrington and the Lord Mayor of Leeds Cllr David Congreve

“If I was children’s mayor of Leeds I would create a social club or a safe area where kids could play games and hang out with their friends instead of being in danger on the roads with the cars. There would be one of these areas, or a park, local to schools and homes so children, after school, can go and do whatever they want!

“There would be a secret supervisor that made sure that the park is kept under control. I know that many children want to feel like they are trusted and don’t want it to feel like a military school. I promise that there will be something for everyone. If it was only a safe area (no park) then I would invest in some skipping ropes and other playground toys to play with.

“Every two months there would be a fundraiser where people donate this and we have a sale. The money that we raise will go towards equipment and thing that will make the club better. We could, if we raised enough money, maybe buy a canopy and do some art and creative projects.

“Obviously teenagers wouldn’t want to do the same activities then young children so we would have different sections. Furthermore if there was an emergency we the secret supervisor would be on hand to solve any problems a little like play leaders in our school. This person will sort out improvements and feedback at meetings.

“There will be a meeting every two weeks for the children to discuss how things are doing. In addition to the children coming – that wants to come – the parents of the children can come. “During this meeting we will need to hear children’s inner most feelings. I hope you can see how much I want this and that I can make a difference to Leeds. We can make Leeds a better place for EVERYONE!

“Let’s build the future together!”

Amy Eckworth-Jones

A well done to Amy on winning the election and to all the shortlisted candidates for participating! You can view all of the candidate’s manifestos online:’s_Mayor

Amy’s first duty in her role was to assist with the Leeds Christmas Lights switch-on and she will go on to participate in other events around the city, including the Rugby League World Cup in the city next summer.

Did you see Amy doing a fantastic job at the Christmas Lights Switch-on? Are you a young person who wants to get involved in youth democracy? Why not let us know on Twitter @child_leeds or by leaving a comment below…


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