Could you be a foster carer?

Could you be a foster carer?

Leeds City Council is always looking for new foster carers to improve the lives of young people across the city. Today we hear the experience of one of our foster children about what having a foster carer means to them…

(For the purpose of confidentiality a stock image has been used and names have not been revealed)

“I was taken into care when I was 11 on a temporary basis to give my family a little breathing space as times were tough. I stayed with a foster family for a couple of weeks not far from where I grew up so I could go to the same school and see my mates.

“I went back home but things didn’t really improve, in fact they got worse and eventually I was taken into care permanently. Things are a bit hazy from that time, things were quite confused, I don’t remember a lot but I remember not really wanting to be there.

“I’m 15 now and have been living with my current foster family for 2 years. I continue to see my sister and sometimes my mum too. I don’t think I’ll ever move back with her but at least we’re in touch. While I miss not living with my family I’m happy being with my foster family, they take care of me and always want what’s best. I know I’m not the easiest person to be with at times but no matter what, they’re always there for me.

“I can see fostering isn’t for everyone but I think those that think they could do should at least find out more, they could make a real difference to the life of someone like me.”

We currently have around 600 foster carers and are looking for more people – like you – to help improve the lives of our cities young people.

To register your interest leave us your details here and we’ll get back to you, or call us on: 0113 247 7443.  

You can find all the information you need about foster caring for Leeds at:



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