What Sam Worsnop thinks about planning last year’s child friendly Leeds awards!

What Sam Worsnop thinks about planning last year’s child friendly Leeds awards!

As preparations for our next child friendly Leeds awards get underway, we’re once again looking for young people to apply to be part of our awards planning team, a team of ten young people aged 11-19 who are responsible for making sure the ceremony is a success.

Last year the awards were planned by a group who called themselves Y-Productions. Coming from schools and colleges across the city, each of Y-Productions took on a bespoke role within the group – whether taking centre-stage to host the ceremony; controlling the sound and lighting; or helping to write the script for the evening.

Today we ask Sam Worsnop, who was part of the team, a few questions about his experience and why he thinks young people should apply this year

Y-productions ahead of the event last year

Y-productions ahead of the event last year (Sam pictured bottom left)

How did you first get involved in the child friendly Leeds awards?

“I was recommended the opportunity by Mr Brass at Brigshaw High School. Then I attended the weekly planning meetings at the Leeds City Varieties music hall, which resulted in a fantastic experience and making new friends.”

Why did you want to get involved?

“I wanted to get involved as I wanted to make new friends and try out a different after school activity.”

What was your role in the group?

“I was the Creative Director, this meant making creative and decorative decisions and working very closely with the group’s programmers and presenters. I also got to host the awards, handing the awards over to winners on the night.”

How did you find working in Y-Productions?

“It was an excellent experience which I would do again in an heartbeat. You got to engage in the banter which comes when you mix with a lively bunch of people.”

How did you make decisions?

“We all got on excellently! It was like one big happy family that got even closer as the months progressed. It was such a good experience and something that I would love to do again. It was so easy making decisions as we just said how we wanted the awards to work and gave everyone a fair chance.”

How did you find the night of the awards?

“The night of the awards was magical, I enjoyed it considerably. It showed how we could all come together after all these months!”

What was your favourite part?

“My favourite part of the whole production was making the whole thing and how it came together on the awards evening, it was actually an amazing experience and something that I would love to do again.”

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of apply to be in the group this year?

“Just enjoy it and make new friends and memories, as it is an excellent opportunity and something that you may not have the chance to do again.”

A big thanks to Sam for talking the time to talk with us today!

More information on our planning committee is available on this poster. If you’d like to apply to be a member of the awards committee for our child friendly Leeds awards 2016 you can apply here by Monday 14 September.



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