Adoption Week 2015

Adoption Week 2015

Next week is National Adoption week, so over the coming days we’ll be serialising one adoptive families journey through the process. Additionally we’ll be having a Q&A session on Twitter on 20 and 22 October using #adopt4leeds from @child_leeds and we have an event you can attend to find out more at Trinity Centre in Leeds on 24 October 10am-4pm. There will be adoptive parents on hand to tell you how it really is and members of staff from Leeds adoption team to talk to you about eligibility, the adoption process and answer any questions you may have…

So, here is part one of Helen’s story, come back and hear more throughout adoption week!

Part one:iStock_000022194903_LOWRES

It wasn’t all easy; like many prospective adoptive parents the path that has led us to this point is a one full of heartbreak. Re- living our journey to adoption was difficult and having closed the lid on those feelings some time ago, letting them out again was hard but it was needed. We needed to know that adoption wasn’t a replacement for a birth child but a new chapter, a new family for us.

Throughout the assessment you learn so much about yourself, your partner, your relationship and parenting an adoptive child. It was one of the most therapeutic, powerful and thought provoking episodes of my life. And my house has never been so clean.

My husband is still a little hurt by our social worker referring to him on his profile as ‘below average height ‘ but she does have a point. Generally in life people don’t get enough credit for what they do but our social worker really was an amazing person despite the reference to Lee’s height. There was banter, empathy, an admirable tolerance to our dog’s flatulence and above all the ability to gain our trust so that were able to open up and be ourselves. An absolute professional with a heart.

Read more in a few days…

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