Carriageworks Theatre celebrates its 10th anniversary

Carriageworks Theatre celebrates its 10th anniversary

Linzi Tate talks us through the exciting plans for the Carriageworks Theatre’s 10th anniversary. Read on to find out more on what’s happening, and how you can get involved.


I’m sat in rehearsals while everybody mills around, Anita is directing people on to and off the stage, Lucy and the pianist are waiting for the next musical number, so I have a spare moment to write.


Anita Adams has written a show all about the process of theatre, from the moment you conceive the idea for a production all the way through to the closing night. The show is called 10 Years Together. Lucy Eyre’s helped her to choose the music and has led the cast through the singing arrangements. There’s musical numbers about all sorts of elements of production – even the unseen jobs like mine get a mention!


I’m the Programme Manager for the Carriageworks Theatre and in a midscale venue like ours that means that I’m the artistic lead for the theatre. I choose the touring shows, book the theatre out for hiring companies and manage the education and marketing team.


When Carriageworks Theatre was first opened, it was a venue for hire with a little engagement programme around it. Now it’s a place for people of all ages to see high quality touring shows and have a go themselves. We take pride in being an affordable destination for families and being truly child friendly with a lively out of school programme. It has taken us 10 years to get here, but we have truly found our niche and necessity in the city.


To celebrate our 10th Birthday we have produced 3 original productions: 10 Years Together is a large scale full musical production which runs from 11- 14 November at 7:30pm. Carriageworks Storytelling Tours is an hour long backstage tour filled with stories about the theatre collected and presented by artists. 10 is a studio show written by our Carriageworks Young Theatre Makers who meet every Saturday during term time and produce 3 performances a year.


If you’re interested in taking part or just want to find out more about what we do come see one of our shows or drop in to the Open Day on 14 November and be entertained by us and our partners.


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