From Barista to Barrister…

From Barista to Barrister…

In today’s blog, Laura talks about her experience of attending the Leeds apprenticeship recruitment event, how she went on to undertake an apprenticeship in business administration, and what this led to.

College or work?
After completing her GCSEs with good grades Laura, aged 18, decided she didn’t want to continue going down the academic route. “As a school leaver at 16 years of age I felt a little lost in terms of what I wanted to do in life. Going to college had never appealed to me whereas working has been a part of my life since the age of 13”.

Laura had already gained some experience working part time in a tea room and decided she wanted to continue her learning whilst kick starting her career. It was with this in mind that she attended the 2014 Central Apprenticeship event hosted by Leeds Apprenticeship Hub.

Leeds Apprenticeship Central Recruitment Event

This annual event aims to raise awareness about apprenticeships and also place young people directly into apprenticeship opportunities. The event allowed Laura to meet her then employer, who was impressed with her grades, work experience and motivation.

“I discovered my apprenticeship provider at the Careers Fair in Leeds Town Hall last year – the event gave me the opportunity to present myself to potential employers and gain a valuable understanding in terms of what they were looking for in interviews and in terms of employability skills”.

Laura went on to complete a level 2 business administration apprenticeship and from this, she was offered a progression opportunity with another employer where she now works as a Junior Criminal Clerk.

I made the decision to take on the role of a Business Administration Apprentice in a Barristers’ Chambers – Law being an area that has always interested me – and 9 months on I’m now a Junior Criminal Clerk for another Chambers with a full qualification and great experience.”

Laura is now an apprenticeship ambassador, and regularly comes to events with the Leeds Apprenticeship Hub to provide a real world view on apprenticeships to young people. She even came to the 2015 Central Recruitment Fair, where one year earlier she found her apprenticeship!

If you would like more information about apprenticeships please get in touch with the Leeds Apprenticeship Hub at

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