Bloomin Yorkshire: Design a new Yorkshire Rose!

Bloomin Yorkshire: Design a new Yorkshire Rose!

Dear Schools,
Janice Richardson is a dialysis patient who, despite two failed kidney transplants, refuses to let serious illness get her down. She’s now putting all her considerable energy into a charity foundation called ‘Bloomin Yorkshire’, a countywide campaign to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and to raise funds for crucial kidney research.

At the heart of these ambitions is Yorkshire’s biggest ever art and design competition, involving Key Stage 2 & 3 children from England’s biggest and best county. Remember the sea of poppies in London, we want to create an ocean of Yorkshire roses, 50,000 replicas of the winning design will be displayed within the iconic York Museum Gardens.

YOU and YOUR school could be known nationally in one of the most exciting art competitions Yorkshire has even seen.

All you have to do is design a new Yorkshire rose! It can be made from any material you want as long as it is weatherproof, durable and costs no more than £3.50 to produce. Then let your teacher’s judge which from your school is the best and enter the winning rose into the main competition by registering at BloominYorkshire.

You never know one of your pupils could become Yorkshire’s most famous young artist as a result and make a real difference to people of all ages who need organ transplants in order to live a full and active life.

For more details and to register take a look at our website Once you have registered you will have access to download the school pack, lesson plan and other useful links.

Please take a look at our website and Facebook page for more about Janice, our supporters (including Sir Michael Parkinson, Kay Mellor and the Kaiser Chiefs), the competition and project aims (all links below)


Proud to be part of BloominYorkshire.

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