Asthma UK: launch of new asthma information for parents

Asthma UK: launch of new asthma information for parents

You’ll know from patients that having a child diagnosed with asthma can be worrying and confusing for parents. And as asthma – and the needs of a child – can change over time, parents often need ongoing support.

Our new website information sets out the simple steps parents need to take to manage their child’s asthma in partnership with you. We also aim to give emotional support, so the whole family can have peace of mind.

We’ve made sure the new information is straightforward and practical for time-pressed parents. This includes written asthma action plans for children, simple ways to spot the earliest signs of asthma attacks and techniques for helping children look after their own asthma from an early age. The focus is on helping parents manage their child’s asthma proactively and confidently between appointments.

Our Information Standard-certified content has been co-created with specialist healthcare professionals and parents of children with asthma. Tips and experiences from real families feature strongly, as we know how helpful it is for parents to hear how other people in their situation feel and how they’ve tackled problems. This includes a suite of videos, which will be online in July.

We’d be thrilled if you felt able to share this link with parents of children with asthma – and with anyone else who may find it helpful –

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