Pupils are passionate about recycling -Corpus Christi tell us why…

Pupils are passionate about recycling -Corpus Christi tell us why…

It all started 18 months ago when as a school we were told that our local area had one of the lowest recycling rates in Leeds.  We knew we had to make a difference! Pupils at Corpus Christi Primary actively got involved being the flagship school to launch the Cities recycling ambassadors. This is something that has gained momentum over the past few months and children now make a difference in the local community by providing recycling opportunities at school and informing local businesses to make recycling changes.

Corpus Christi pupils have also had the opportunity to watch the construction of the magnificent building which houses the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility fondly known as the RERF at Cross Green.waste site.jpg It was on a recent visit around this amazing structure that pupils witnessed what happens to our black bin waste. The visit was unbelievable.

“Mind blowing.”   “One of the best days – it really gets the message across”- Kirby

Following these visit pupils then entered a competition designing a poster to promote the RERF. Highlighting the great work that happens at the RERF and encouraging, like always, people to recycle. On 15th November 2016, the RERF had its official opening and 5 pupils from Corpus Christi were invited to attend. One of our pupils had been lucky enough to have their poster chosen as the winning design. What the children didn’t realise was that the person opening the RERF was HRH The Duke of Kent!

“I have never met a person from the Royal family before, It was so exciting to see the road being stopped by the police so that he could come to the RERF without a problem.” – Kacper

The children were escorted into a marquee and sat at their own reserved table waiting for HRH.

“The marquee was magnificent; I was overwhelmed when I saw the inside.”– Ethan

The pupils then met HRH and were able to share their knowledge with him on recycling.

“It was exciting to see the Duke of Kent and I had the opportunity to play a recycling game with him and talk to him about materials that could be recycled.” – Kacper

“I really had fun meeting HRH, The Lord Mayor and The Sherriff, so many important people in such a short space of time.” – Lucy

The presentation of the winning poster then finally came.

“We entered a recycling poster competition, which I won so in front of 180 people I stood on the stage and gave my poster to HRH The Duke of Kent. This is a moment I will treasure for the rest of my life.” – Casey

“I felt like a celebrity with lots of paparazzi.” – Casey

The children were thrilled to be involved in such an event.

“Something you will never get to experience again.”   “It opened my eyes and made me realise the responsibilities we have to our community.” – Ashleigh

If you are interested in a visit to the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) and/or for more information on the School Recycling Champions programme please contact Steve Ruse, Sustainable School Consultant on steven.ruse@leeds.gov.uk or 07891 275297.




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