Child Friendly Leeds Sundays | A child’s idea becomes the highlight this summer!

Child Friendly Leeds Sundays | A child’s idea becomes the highlight this summer!

Child Friendly Leeds Sundays

Every Sunday during the summer holidays is a Child Friendly Leeds Sunday.

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Rumani, one of our competition winners, dreamt of creating fabulous play spaces in the city centre, where she and her friends could hang out together and have fun. This exciting project which came out of a fantastic competition, which we ran with primary aged school in Leeds during 2017.  

Plate spinning-01The aim of the competition was to listen to the voice of the children in the city and gather their ideas about ways to make the city centre  more appealing to them.  Ten winning ideas were submitted and we have been linking with our wonderful ambassador network to make the winning ideas become a reality! Rumani helped work on and develop the idea into a weekly on-going project this summer answered a few questions for our blog. 

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  Hobbies?  Pets?  Siblings?

Hi I’m 10 years old. I like swimming, and doing parkor ( jumping and doing long jumps off obstacles) I also like climbing – I climbed Pen-y -Ghent twice! I like Youth Hostels- because they’re cool and they’re spacious and they’re better than hotels because they’re not posh. They’re nice for kids. 

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  1. What job would you like to do when you grow up?

I’d like to be a baker  and run a place where children can come and make their own cakes, or run a holiday adventure club called Yeti adventures

  1. What do you most like about living in Leeds?

You can get out of it quickly to countryside. The shops are good for sport trends.


  1. Which event are you most excited to see included in the Child Friendly Leeds Sundays project?

The cake decorating and the beach and birds of prey .

Watermelon tasting

  1. How else do you think we could improve Leeds for children and young people.

Make unisex clothes. I’d love  my park idea to happen with the water fountains and recycled park or area. Like the one in Bradford with even more stuff.


Here’s a handy six-week calendar of free events and special offers happening slap bang in Leeds City Centre every Sunday in the Summer Holidays. Download your PDF guide here.pdf to find full details of what is happening and where.

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