Can you help shape the early plans for a new Leeds Children’s Hospital?

Can you help shape the early plans for a new Leeds Children’s Hospital?

An exciting vision to build a brand-new Leeds Children’s Hospital has been launched by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and your views on its early proposals are welcomed.

The Trust has ambitions for a hospital that will be designed and built especially for children and young people – a first for Leeds. It will bring together our staff to treat and care for young patients in a building dedicated solely to their needs.


Although in its early stages, the Trust is planning a fantastic, child friendly new building, filled with light and colour and with spaces designed with children, young people and families in mind.

The current Leeds Children’s Hospital in Clarendon Wing at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) is one of the busiest in the UK, known for its specialist services, research and quality of care. Children and young people travel with their families from all over the UK to be treated by our teams.

The Trust’s proposals for a new Leeds Children’s Hospital will provide a brand-new home for its world-class healthcare, based around tailored facilities, new technologies and innovation.


They are part of an ambitious, long-term vision for the LGI called Hospitals of the Future, which aims to transform health services for patients in Leeds and the wider region. In addition to the new Leeds Children’s Hospital, the Trust also has proposals to build a new hospital for adult healthcare.

It’s really important that the new Leeds Children’s Hospital is built around the needs of younger patients and families so the Trust welcomes feedback on its early plans.

You can find out more, see a fly-through of the proposed development and leave comments at

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