National careers week – why not get involved?

National careers week – why not get involved?

The week beginning 2 March is National Careers week, a celebration of careers guidance and free education resources across the UK.

In today’s child friendly Leeds blog we hear about the fantastic child friendly things going on around careers advice for young people in the city….

Wondering what to do during national careers week?

Get watching!  National Careers Week (2nd – 6th March) is a great time to get started thinking about what career you might want after you finish school. It’s never too early (or late) to start looking – you may want to know what GCSEs will help you get into work in a particular area or you may be bored of your current role and looking for something a bit different.

Use Pathways into… guides and employer films to explore what it’s like to work in different sectors (or career areas), what types of jobs are available, and what skills and attitudes employers are looking for.

Take the Leeds Pathways Challenge…and send us in your top tip for us to share with other young people in Leeds. This could be a tip from the website or your own advice from personal experience that you think would help others. We’d love to hear what you think!


“Leeds Pathways website can help you discover other interests you might possibly want to learn more about and lets you make choices for yourself about where you feel you would do best.”

“It’s good to have everything in one place so you can see all your options, as some of the sites you can go to [for courses and careers] are really confusing. I also trust it because it’s by the council so I don’t think they’re trying to sell me something.”

“My top tip for young people visiting the website [is to] take a detailed look into all the sections on the website…because there are many sections about different options and choices. It would all be useful to someone who wishes to receive support and information on specialist subjects such as education, apprenticeships or university.”


-Top tips from Leeds young people about using Leeds Pathways

to look for learning, training and employment options

What do meerkats have to do with employment?

Find out about Kerry’s story as she gives you a sneak peak at what it’s like to do an apprenticeship in animal care at world-famous Tropical World.

Go to the Key Job Sectors page to hear advice from other young people and explore different career areas of the future in Leeds:

  • Bond Dickinson: legal apprenticeships scheme in Leeds
  • Northern Gas Networks: how to get into work in the utilities sector
  • Parks and Gardens: gardening apprenticeships in public sector

Are you running a fantastic careers event in the city? Are you a young person planning to use the week to boost your employability? Why not let us know by leaving a comment below…


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