The Young People’s Takeover Festival – a festival planned by young people for young people

The Young People’s Takeover Festival – a festival planned by young people for young people

The Young People’s Takeover Festival at Leeds Grand Theatre in March is planned by young people and brings together creative workshops for young people aged 7-17.

In today’s child friendly blog we hear from Sophie Poole who is helping to plan the festival and was previously responsible for planning our child friendly Leeds awards, about why she thinks young people should get involved in the project…

“I really excited about helping to plan the Young People’s Takeover Festival in March! I’ve been part of the project since the start, I enjoyed going to meetings at the beginning and as the weeks progressed, seeing ideas take shape.

“My interest in project planning started when I worked on child friendly Leeds awards, and it has progressed into much more. Since starting the planning groups I have helped plan what workshops will be happening, how these events will be marketed, posters and leaflets and more.

“This planning for the young people’s takeover festival is all done by young people and we all love doing it. I would really recommend people coming to these workshops; they are educational, but fun and exciting as well!

“On Saturday 7th and 14th March, there are two workshops taking place for children and young adults.

“On March 7th, there will be a glowing LED accessories workshop for children aged 7-12. It involves children designing and creating bracelets, necklaces and badges that will actually glow! This exciting workshop will start at 10am and will end at 3pm. It will take place at 42 Briggate Leeds; it should be great fun, and entry is the reasonable price of five pounds.

“The second workshop, on 14th March, is experimental drawing workshop using paper and textiles. This is for the older children of Leeds, ages 13 to 17 are welcome. This would, again, takes place at 42 Briggate Leeds from 10 am till 3pm.  This workshop is all about experimenting with tone, texture, pattern, line and composition, using a range of recycled materials to make a large scale mural display and sketch books. This informative workshop can make children flourish, it only costs five pounds.

“I hope you can come and enjoy our workshops with us and have as much fun taking part in these workshops as we have had planning them for you.”

A big thanks to Sophie for letting us know about these fantastic events for children and young people. We hope the festival is a huge success!

You can learn more about the festival on the Leeds Grand Theatre website.

Will you be heading to the festival workshops? Are you a young person planning a great event in the city? Why not let us know by leaving a comment below… 


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