Going the whole Hogwarts at Leeds Central Library

Going the whole Hogwarts at Leeds Central Library

As one of the most successful series of children’s books, the Harry Potter series has opened the (Gryffin)door to reading for many  young people.

At their recent ‘Library Fest’ Leeds City Council’s library service transformed Leeds Central Library into their very own Hogwarts. In today’s child friendly Leeds blog, librarian Ben reveals more about the event and what it meant to the young people in attendance…

One of our librarians with her very own Hedgwig

“Last month, as part of our recent Library Fest, the we tried something we had never tried before, we ran four events at the same time!

“With a bit of magic here and a Petronus there, we turned the Central Library into Hogwarts for an afternoon. We split all 115 people in attendance into the four Hogwarts Houses, with each house taking classes in the following areas – potions, quidditch, broom and golden snitch.

“We also had an interactive heritage tour delivered by Hagrid and the four building portraits. There was also an opportunity to care for magical creatures with our house elf and her owl.

“Young wizards, witches and muggles alike delighted in the buildings transformation and the chance to try out exciting activities.

One of the young people in attendance said:

We mixed potions, we made snitches and broomsticks, met an owl called Herbie enjoyed the twists and turns around the library building and quidditch at the end. It was a full day of fun!’

“Keep your eyes peeled for more themed tours of Leeds Central Library, maybe you  will be getting another Hogwarts invitation soon…”

A big thanks to Ben for talking to us today!

 If you’d like more information on the other fantastic things going on for children and young people with Leeds City Council library services, you can see more information on their website.



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