Move More, Sit Less this summer once more!

Move More, Sit Less this summer once more!

A new Change4life campaign encourages children to be more active.

The 10 Minute Shake Up is a Disney inspired campaign and we hope our partners and Leeds children and families will get involved. Public Health England will be contacting all primary schools in England over the next few weeks with games and stickers for children to take home and teaching resources for the Change4Life summer campaign, which are available to download on the Change4Life School Zone.

How are you getting active

One thing that our report on children’s physical activity in Leeds highlighted was that local surveys showed Asian girls were less likely to be active than other children. So we have been asking them what would help them be more active and we will share their ideas in the near future.

The recent Child Health Weight Plan launch took place with over 80 attendees and was a great success. We want to say a big thank you to those who contributed ideas on what next steps will help children and families in Leeds eat well and move more. These ideas will help inform the development of the implantation plan.

Watch a series of short films explaining how Leeds fares on physical activity via

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