@snappleeds – a competition for young people, by young people on Instagram #SnappLeeds

@snappleeds – a competition for young people, by young people on Instagram #SnappLeeds

@SnappLeeds was an idea by Cameron, Godwin, Joe, Samuel and Simon from Abbey Grange Academy, who wanted to create an enjoyable experience for young people ‘through an interactive picture taking activity in and around the city centre’.

They want teenagers across the city to be given the chance to win vouchers by taking pictures around Leeds city centre and uploading them to the new Instagram page @snappleeds.  

Snapp Leeds

The page was launched last week (Friday 11 May 2018) at Trinity Leeds and was one of the winning ideas in the ‘Making Leeds city centre more child friendly’ competition, which was entered by more than 350 children and young people in 2017.  Many of the winning ideas including physical structures and events so this was something different and interactive.

Hearing from the young people behind the idea…

Cameron, 15 one of the co-founders of Snapp. “I have many interests, a few being cycling, music and like any other typical teenager, gaming.We took our inspiration from the recent, popular app ‘Pokémon Go’ and the aspects we took from that are the incorporation of a camera. We thought that it would be a good idea for children and adults to become more aware of their surroundings by taking ‘Snapps’ of something related to our monthly topics.”

Joe, 15 mentioned “The idea for the app came from many different ideas, for example: children often get bored when shopping with their parents and so we made something which could interest them while in the city centre.”

Samuel, 15 (prefers to be called Sam) spends his time reading, writing and playing on the computer! He went on to say, “I feel that Snapp will allow children to learn about the city they have grown up in in a fun and interactive way, while also having the extra bonus of prizes as they do it. Children that are interested in photography can also show off their skills.”

Godwin (15) told us he is interested in computer programming, gaming and reading, among numerous other hobbies. One fact that only a few people know about him is that he play the saxophone and has been for nearly 5 years! < wow go Godwin!

He went on to conclude that the group “selected Snapp because it was a distinct and creative concept that could really enhance Leeds. We believe this idea could spark more interest in children for Leeds and help them gain a better understanding of photography whilst being in for the chance to win a prize.”

SL Promo

Thanks to Danielle the lead from Abbey Grange school, Sadiya the lead for this project from CFL and Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre for coordinating the launch of Snapp Leeds via their digital screens.

Snapp Leeds Launch Trinity


Please note: The competition is for young people who live in Leeds aged 13 – 19 years old (up to 25 with additional needs). 

Prizes will only be awarded to young people that meet this criteria. Please follow the page on Instagram @SnappLeeds



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