Tutti Frutti present Keepy Uppy celebrating FIFA World Cup 2018 by Evan Placey

Tutti Frutti present Keepy Uppy celebrating FIFA World Cup 2018 by Evan Placey

As football fever is set to sweep the nation when the FIFA World Cup starts this June, the much-admired Leeds theatre company tutti frutti is delighted to announce that it will be celebrating the beautiful game by staging the premiere of Keepy Uppy. Available to tour from the 5th of May to the 1st of July 2018. 

Keepy Uppy main image by Jacky Fleming- high quality

Joey absolutely loves football.

Playing it, watching it, talking about it.

He gets it from his mum – a footy fanatic!

Joey can turn anywhere into a make believe pitch, from scoring goals in his breakfast cereal to imaginary match commentating on his way to school. His enthusiasm is shared equally by his Mum – the best teammate he could ever have. She stands on the sidelines cheering him on, giving him top training tips and teaching him new tricks.

Life is busy for Joey and mum, but today nothing can get in their way as the big day has arrived; the high point of the season, the cup final and a chance for Joey to score a winning goal.

They set off for the game, ready for ANYTHING!

Keepy Uppy is a play for the 2018 World Cup year, for football fans, non-football fans, children and families. Join us and celebrate the joy of the beautiful game with popping rhymes, fab footie moves, flicks and sidesteps underscored by toe tapping live music. This is a visual treat that will ignite children’s imagination from kick-off to the final whistle.


‘Those looking for a magical and thought-provoking early experience of the wonder and power of theatre should treat themselves to tutti frutti’– British Theatre Guide

‘Leeds-based tutti frutti has a reputation as one of the most inspired ensembles specialising in work for very young children’– The Guardian

A play of one half, one hour long to final whistle. For children aged 3+

Find out more on: https://tutti-frutti.org.uk/show/keepy-uppy-by-evan-placey/?section=our-work

For fees and to discuss availability, please contact tutti frutti on 0113 388 0027 or sophie@tutti-frutti.org.uk.


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