Leeds Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) talk about their role

Leeds Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) talk about their role

“In March, Leeds held elections for the United Kingdom Youth Parliament. Four Members and two Deputy Members were elected by around 5000 young people from around Leeds. The role has involved working with and consulting young people in schools and youth groups, collaborating with the Leeds Youth Council, and cooperating with MPs and local Councillors This year we have focussed on campaigning locally for cheaper, better and more accessible transport – the results of our work, surveys and consultations are currently in a report being studied by [Leeds City] council.

National Campaigns for the Youth Parliament are chosen once a year in a debate. On November 23rd Leeds MYPs were given the opportunity to take part in this debate at the House of Commons. It was a very exciting privilege to sit in on the green benches and debate like real MPs under the chairing of Rt Hon John Bercow – Speaker of the House. MYPs from all over the United Kingdom debated passionately about which of the top 5 issues chosen nationally by 250 000 young people, should be our new campaign. The debate was shown on BBC Parliament and ultimately resulted in “A Curriculum for Life” becoming our new campaign for 2013.”

Blog post by by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, Minhaz Abedin, Richard Crawshaw and Katie Ward, Members of Youth Parliament for Leeds.

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