Cinderella – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto: a review by Nadia

Cinderella – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto: a review by Nadia

The Cinderella performance was absolutely fantastic. It was one of the best panto’s I have ever seen. The cast members were multi- talented musicians and actors. Not only was the panto exiting it was also very exhilarating because the actors looked so natural, which makes the play amazing.

The panto was not the classical Cinderella story but had a twist of rock and roll music.  The character that really impressed me was an ugly step sister called Hernia played by Dan De Cruz.  She showed a great deal of character and she was very funny. Cinderella and Buttons also impressed me too, they were very joyful and loving throughout the play. The rest of the actors were brilliant and great singers and actors.  As soon as the first song started, I knew that it was going to be a great play. The Prince was great he was funny and as soon as he jumped into the arms of Dandini I just couldn’t stop laughing. Dandini was a rock and roll king to the Prince he wanted to be just like Dandini because if people thought that the prince was Dandini then he will have someone to love and care for. This panto isn’t just an ordinary panto, to me there’s a lot of twists to the actual story of Cinderella .

My favourite part of the story was when the balls came out from the balcony and the audience was playing with the huge balls.

After the performance my family and I went to the bar to interview the actors. The first person I interviewed was Kenny Davies (Buttons). I asked him a few questions, the first question was, “What was it like performing in front of an audience?” He said he loved being in front of an audience and he loves it when people laugh and enjoy themselves. I also asked him, “What are you aiming for after this?”.  He said he was aiming for Hollywood. Next I interviewed Dan De Cruz (Hernia). The first question I asked was, “What was it like playing a girl in the panto?”. He said he liked being a girl it was different he liked the fake eyelashes but the heels were painful. I also asked if he did any panto’s/plays before doing Cinderella? He said he did Aladdin last year at the Leeds City Varieties. He has been to America to perform too. The last person I wanted to interview was Katie Elin-Salt (Cinderella), I asked her, “What was it like performing in front of people?” She said. “It was scary but fun too!” I asked her if she did other performances before Cinderella? She says she did a TV program. All three of those actors were very warm-hearted and friendly.

My overall experience of attending a media call was that I was excited and enthusiastic about the event.  I was thrilled at having the opportunity of meeting the cast and crew members which I felt was a privilege for me.  I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend the panto.

Nadia, 11, Allerton High School, Leeds

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  1. Sara Jackson says:

    Nadia your review is so true. I saw the panto on Saturday and agree the balls coming out of the balcony were brilliant! I wud have loved to chat to the cast- lucky you and well done!

  2. claire salt says:


  3. Rich C says:

    Brilliant and very well written review Nadia – the pantomime sounds amazing!

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