Make your mark with MyMapLeeds

Make your mark with MyMapLeeds

MyMapLeeds launch at the central library
Tucked away in the shade of the library during a sunny CBBC Live in Leeds weekend a few young people and certain dog took part in the start of something pretty awesome.

On Thursday 25th July we launched MyMapLeeds – an interactive map that shows the stories of children and young people from all around the city. Throughout the weekend, 75 young people visited our new project and created a short film – no more than 60 seconds. They told us what they think of growing up and living in Leeds. We heard about school, friends, jobs, parks, noisy neighbours, rain, buildings and fish and chips to name a few (and quite a bit about dog poo in Pudsey!).

Now the interactive table is featured in the children’s area of the central library and the stories that were captured on display for all to see for the next year. Leeds City Council, Studio 12 and the University of Leeds have been working together to use the latest touch screen technology to show all the areas of Leeds on a map which users can use their hands to zoom in and swipe around to find areas of interest. A tap on any of our orange markers brings up videos made nearby – including our canine friend, Dodge the Dog!

It’s not too late to get your video on the map either! Visit our website here to find instructions and resources to help you create and send us your film. We want to know how you feel about where you live. There are even some examples on the website to help inspire. It’s easy to do and you don’t need lots of equipment. You could even use a smartphone, or maybe your school has some cameras. Take a look, send us a video and Make Your Mark!

Did you take part in a MyMapLeeds workshop or make a video at the CBBC event? Head over to the library and find your video!


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