Adopting siblings – it is truly fantastic!

Adopting siblings – it is truly fantastic!

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“Adopting a child is such an exciting and nerve racking experience in equal measure, but adopting siblings is a really rewarding thing to do because the children have such a special connection – they are forever linked by their shared life story.

“We have 3 fantastic, amazing adopted children – siblings, aged 7, 6 and 4. All of them are completely individual. Our eldest son is a sensitive, caring, and by nature a shy child, apart from when he is playing sport and then he really comes into his own. He loves nothing more than scoring a goal for his team and then looking for his sister and brother cheering him on from the side-lines. Our middle child, our daughter, is very loving. She is never happier than having a cuddle or reading a book. She’s a born teacher, who lines her fluffy toys up as if in a classroom and gives them house points if they’ve been good. She looks up to her big brother and looks after her little brother. Our youngest son is brim-full of character and life, always with a grin on his face. Everyone he comes into contact with falls in love with him instantly. He’s going to break hearts when he’s older!

“We have had a very positive experience of adoption and of adopting siblings. We always knew we wanted more than one child and ultimately we feel it will be so much easier for our children as they get older that they all have the same back story, the same history binding them together. In years to come, having a very similar life story will hopefully make it easier for them to share their feelings. They have the opportunity to grow together in a loving, close-knit family and when the time comes for them to explore more about their background they have us and each other to go to for love, advice and support.

“We feel very lucky to have adopted 3 children who we can help to flourish and fulfil their natural potential. If you have the capacity, then why not think about adopting siblings, it is truly fantastic!”

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