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Our latest project

Helping to inspire young people in Leeds and support them to develop their skills through the Think Big project and working with schools through Leeds Education Business Partnership (Leeds EBP).

Through the project Think Big, O2 supports young people to develop their ideas and skills and inspire them to consider starting their own business.  O2 also provide grant funding to 13-25 year olds to start their own community projects Alongside this, 02 has supported their employees to volunteer at enterprise and enrichment sessions in Leeds schools through Leeds EBP.

What difference has it made?

The response from both the students and teachers was extremely positive; this was reassuring and showed we were doing something right! The biggest thing i took away from this day was the fact that with the right level of support, anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. – O2 staff member and Think Big volunteer

In 2012, over 4500 young people in Leeds gained work skills or skills for life through our work.

  • Since 2013, over 400 young people have attended Think Big School.
  • 12 students gained an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) for their work on the AMP awards which we are key sponsors of.

We’re also proud to be accredited to the IEBE’s ‘Education Ready’ quality standards demonstrating business excellence in our work with young people & employability.

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