The Christmas Dinner – Leeds 2016

The Christmas Dinner – Leeds 2016

A group of volunteers from across Leeds are working together to provide a fantastic, free Christmas Day dinner for care leavers in the city.
Many young people who are care leavers, spend Christmas Day by themselves away from family. Often they have no definite place to spend Christmas Day, where they know they will be welcomed. 10171148_1508525299477466_2585273120655255231_nThe voluntary Christmas Dinner team will create a magical day for them to remember, including a scrumptious meal for 50 care leavers at a secret location in Leeds! The TCD Leeds team is made up of a group looking after present collection, transportation, cooking and venue decoration, led by the poet Lemn Sissay himself a care leaver, with winner of ITV1’s Food Glorious Food, Rahila Hussain on board as chef on the day.

The team would like the people and businesses of Leeds to get involved and help out with this year’s effort – the second time Leeds has hosted one of The Christmas Dinner events. It’s life changing, life enhancing and most of all fun by the ton. We need YOUR help to make, bake and wrap!

TCD’s aim is to source food, a wonderful venue, Christmas presents, decorations, music, volunteers and hosts, to make the most memorable day ever. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without presents and surprises – so are you are part of a company who could provide decorations or amazing gifts for our guests?

Maybe you would like to volunteer? 12391318_1507125682950761_8978278181217328243_nThere are lots of jobs you can do on the run up to the big day from wrapping presents, to making decorations, to helping with food prep. Any skills you have will be very useful. No matter whether you pledge money or your time or even buy something from the wish-list, this will all help – so Leeds, let’s do this!

If you’re interested in helping TCD source goodies, if you own or run a venue, if you have transport to help collect presents, or if you’re free to volunteer before or during the celebrations, drop the team a line at:

You can help by buying something from our carefully curated Amazon wish-list:

Keep up with everything we’re doing on the Leeds Facebook page too:

Or get in touch via Twitter:


And watch what will happen at the end (thanks to Hackney and Manchester teams!):



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