Well done in your exams!

Well done in your exams!

Lots of young people in Leeds are currently getting their exam results, and to acknowledge their hard work and effort child friendly Leeds has brought together lots of celebrities from music and sport to say a big well done to them all!

After they get their results many young people have to make big decisions about their future.  We want to provide them with as much information as possible about all the options available to them. Whether they want to begin an apprenticeship; find a university, college or sixth form place; or to start looking for a job, we want to make sure young people in Leeds have access to information that helps them to make the best decision for them.

In order to help, the child friendly Leeds blog has information and personal stories from young people who have been through this process before, plus further information and careers advice through Leeds Pathways: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/leedspathways

We hope that all Leeds’ young people get the results they want and we wish them a big well done!  Follow results day on Twitter with @child_Leeds and #leedsnextsteps



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