Child friendly Headingley – get involved!

Child friendly Headingley – get involved!

Today, Chris Barraclough talks to us about her campaign to create a child friendly Headingley…

Child friendly Headingley has been set up in response to feedback from a consultation day in Headingley, back in March last year where residents came along to give their thoughts and ideas on future planning for Headingley.

One of the results of this meeting, was the realisation that there was a strong desire to make our area more child friendly. Four volunteers stepped up to the challenge to form and lead a Child friendly Headingley group.

In November 2015, we held our first consultation event in Headingley library which was really well attended. The main objective is to deliver a play park in the centre of Headingley which was totally supported at the consultation event.

The dynamics of Headingley is changing, with many students moving into city centre accommodation and young families returning. I run the local early years provision at Headingley Preschool and we have seen our numbers rise to capacity over the last 3 years.

If anyone wishes to contribute to our Child Friendly Headingley cause then we would love to hear from them. Please get in touch with us at child friendly Leeds and we will pass your details on.

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