Takeover Day at Parklands Primary School

Takeover Day at Parklands Primary School

The National Takeover Challenge is an annual initiative taking place every November which is organised by the Children’s
Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield OBE. Each year schools and other organisations around the country are encouraged to get involved to enable children and young people to ‘takeover’ for the day. 

This year, the Leeds City Council VIC Team co‐ordinated a “Takeover Month” across the city to encourage even more schools, organisations, children and young people to take part. During November at least 30 different schools, services and organisations took part in Takeover Month, with over 200 young people having the chance to take part. Please find below a report from Parklands Primary School of their first exciting takeover day.


On 20 November Parklands Primary School carried out their first ever takeover day and what a success it was!

With 15 Roles available to the 152 children, 91 applications put forward and all the teachers taking time out of a normal school day to make this day special and exciting for the children; this day was certainly one to remember for Parklands.

The Children really enjoyed the day and said they had learnt a lot from the roles they were given. Their confidence in communicating with the other children, staff and visitors just showed how much they were committed to being professional in their roles for the day.

“Yes it was amazing, I really enjoyed it. I can’t even say how amazing it was being a reception teacher.”

 “I bet you lost loads of weight walking up and down these corridors!”

Job descriptions for the roles were given to the children and from there students interested in roles from Key Stage 2 wrote an application form for their preferred role. The School Council then looked over the applications anonymously and picked the best applications for the jobs.

Seeing the way the children took on their roles in the school and how they behaved while doing this was a delight. They were well behaved and looked like they were all extremely enjoying the jobs they were given.

The video below shows their report of the day!



Thanks to Parklands Primary School for sharing their experience with us.

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